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Tracey Arbon
Sing It Singing Lessons
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This singing course is like magic! Real lessons from an experienced and professional singer and teacher.
Combining the expertise of performance singing in all genres with the mix of the necessary classical basics.

What You Get With your 35 Video Singing Course

Singing Lessons


Entire comprehensive singing course in a workbook

Singing Lessons


Song exercise sheet music to print, enabling you to follow the vocal line as you sing

Singing Lessons


Tip ebook containing more tips for singing performance

Singing Lessons


Every exercise to download to enable you to practice regularly and for convenience after completion fo the course


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Tracey Arbon


Having been awarded a vocal scholarship at the age of 16, at the Conservatorium of music, professional singer for more than 35 years, teaching singing privately and in schools, signed with the biggest independent recording company in Australia, recording and writing with well known established artists and writers from around the world, and founder of Music Talks, I've been lucky enough to have helped so many singers personally and artists globally. Offering advice and guidance to help enhance their music venture and vocal abilities.

A quick overview...

I could give a thousand's reasons why this is super important for you if you are wishing to learn how to sing correctly and get results. However, your time is precious and I don’t want to waste a second of it. I want to make sure you succeed. whether this means I have to show you the exact path to take or walk you hand in hand to the finish doesn’t matter to me. Together, we’ll get you to where you want to be and avoid the common mistakes most people make when singing. If you’re ready and whether you are in it for the long haul with your singing and don't want to ruin your voice then this is definitely for you. If you have taken lessons previously and feel that you haven't progressed, then you may find many useful tips and tricks to help reach your desired full potential with my course. If you are a beginner, then this is the perfect start, and you can progress through the course at a pace you feel comfortable with. When you are ready, you can progress to the more advanced lessons. I won't be throwing this course at you, I will be here and will send you an email after sufficient time inviting you to attend a google hangout or group Skype so you I can answer any questions and offer more advice and tips on a personal level. 

Singing Course

Valued at over $850.00

Sing It Course Normally $199.00 

Discounted Special $158.00 

Sarah Talbot -

Singing Student

"What I love about the exercises is the ratio of control and letting go. Like for the chest voice and head voice where you start off just experimenting and yodelling until you find it and then you go off to do arpeggios where you have to focus and make it a habit." 



35 Videos divided & packed into 5 lessons, the equivalent to 15 private singing lessons

Singing Lessons Workbook

1 packed downloadable workbook of the entire singing course

Singing Practice CD

All exercises downloadable separately from the video tutorial for you continued practice on CD

Singing Worksheets

Downloadable worksheets and bonus ebook on '5 valuable tips for singers' 

Sing It Ebook

Ebook of four of the song exercises and song within the course on sheet music to follow

Sing It Singing Tutorials

1.5 hours of video tutorial equalling to approximately 12-15 hours of singing

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The Basics Of Singing
  • Diaphragm

  • Breathing & Breath Control

  • Increasing Your Strength

  • How To Use & Shape Your Mouth

Essential Techniques
  • Using Your Tongue

  • How To Improve Vocal Tone

  • How To Avoid Straining

  • Extending Your Range

Improving Your Tone
  • Placement Of Sound

  • Using Head & Chest Voice

  • Singing Through The Break

  • Vocal Space

Singing Course

Valued at over $850.00

Sing It Course Normally $199.00 

School Student Discount $158.00

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