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Tracey Arbon Reviews





"A lifetime of learning makes this a debut of Quality" "Colours is one of the best albums of grown

up Australian soul/pop...this is a solid album and the whole feel is of fun and having a get to it! Rated 8/10"

Andrew Tucker


She takes her chance with both hands, turning in one memorable vocal performance after another" - "If this doesn't get you some attention, then the world's gone deaf"

Craig N. Pearce, Drum Media 1996


"This woman has a superb voice which carries across in her delivery of the lyrics on this song."

Jaqui & Frank, Icon


"Ignorance pays off for Tracey Arbon"

Olivia Stewart, Sunday Sun

"For every singer who makes it to the top of the charts, there are hundreds who never get near the hallowed ground of number one. And for every singer who does get there, very, very few of them are destined to be remembered in the same breath as Mahalia Jackson, Chaka Khan or Aaron Neville. While Adelaide born, Sydney resident Tracey Arbon might not be bold enough to believe she will one day keep such reverend company, in one sense she already does."

Craig N Pearce, Drum Media 1995


"The stylish and genuinely talented Ms. Arbon has been kicking round the soul and sing scene for a while, and while by no means a veteran (horrid term, anywhay) knows how to sell a tune."

Ross Clelland, Drum Media


"Only people who have been living in boxes for the last few years would think Australia lacks good home grown dance music - you could do worse than check out Ms. Arbon"

Laura Norder, Rip It Up


"A Star is born...Tracey Arbon's dedication to her art is equalled only by her pure and incredibley powerful voice...Tracey is a young woman in control"



"Determined to climb success ladder" - "For a person who has had so many setbacks in her career, it's surprising that talented singer Tracey Arbon wants to continue in the entertainment industry....but it seems Arbon thrives on the setbacks that make her even more determined not just to continue, but succeed in the business."

Mathew White, The Manly Daily


"The Golden Voice" - "When the lights dimmed and the band picked up the tune of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, it was obvious talented singer Tracey Arbon will find her pot of gold"

Michelle Fraser, Daily Mirror


"This is pretty standard ballad-based dancefare. But something in it is quite attractive to me - perhaps turning thirty leads to a certain inevitable sentimentality. Whatever the reason - I can't bring myself to dislike Tracey - she's got a certain perkiness about her."



"Australia's newest dance sensation went down a storm with the boys, and then proceeded to do the same on Tuesday night at the Newtown. It's great to see such a talented performer (with a truly wonderful voice) proudly aiming her stuff at the gay market."

Sydney Star Observer


"Tracey Arbon hits on the right song for debut single - mark this name down in your entertainment books ladies and gentlemen, Tracey Arbon."

Writer Unknown


"It was 1990 when new local talent Tracey Arbon hit an Adelaidian chart high of No 21 with her first single, Only Love Will Set You Free. Then all of a sudden she disappeared, seemingly down the cruel fate known affectionately known as The Gurgler. Well actually, that's not exactly the case......"

Darrin Hyde, Rip It Up



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