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Singing Lessons



SING IT! | Anyone can sing



My 35 step by step singing lessons course has been quite a while in the making. Singing lessons can be expensive, even more so if you feel you haven't progressed. 


Through my many years of teaching singing both privately and in schools, I have put together a full course with so many extra's attached to enable any singer to progress and continue to learn on an ongoing basis. 


This singing course has all the inclusions attached with workbooks, worksheets, exercise CD for ongoing practice and I will be integrating this course with live streaming to those who have purchased to help you gain the most from it. 


Once you have signed up, I will email you with the streaming dates for you to join and ask any questions or concerns.  


To find out more, go to the Sing It page HERE. 

Brand new for 2018 is the 35 step by step singing course from Tracey Arbon. 


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