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"The stylish and genuinely talented
Ms. Arbon... knows how to sell a tune."

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Australian Female Singer Tracey Arbon
Biography of Tracey Arbon


Soul/pop diva with an amazingly powerful voice, Tracey Arbon establishes herself as one of Australia's best  female vocalists/recording artists. A singer with many years of professional experience, she is no less than a potential star.


Like most, after losing her beloved mother to brain cancer, Tracey Arbon felt so devastated she wondered how she would go on.   After releasing her critically acclaimed debut album, ’Colours’ in the late nineties, Tracey fell into motherhood and was blessed with two beautiful girls. 

All was going to plan until, when her youngest was almost one, her mother was diagnosed with a grade 4, brain cancer  - the worst kind.   Being told her mother only had six to twelve months to live Tracey dropped everything and took on the role of principal carer.  Coupled with raising two children, she was left with little time for anything else.   

In June 2007, her mother passed away with Tracey by her side.   “I felt so helpless during her fight and, after it was over, I was totally lost. I really only found myself again through my singing and songwriting.  

It was all I knew I could do. It also hit home that until you experience something so close to you, something so devastating, you can only imagine the pain associated,” she says.   Tracey’s new single ‘Life Goes On’ explores the loss in a personal story that will touch many. 

Tracey Arbon is very active on Twitter and Facebook on her Music Talks and Tracey Arbon accounts daily. 2019


         2024                A new venture begins......stay tuned. 


         2023                Music Talks website was pulled down. 

         2018                 Launched 'The Store'. Another passion of Tracey's selling trendy urban streetwear .                


         2015                 The beginning of new venture -  Through Chant La Bon | Music


         2010                  Single 'Life Goes On', released in Australia and New Zealand.


2009                  Began picking up where she left off, and started her songwriting again. 


2007                 Tracey was planning to re-establishing herself again, but found that her recovery for the grief of the loss of                                                her mother was far to overwhelming.

2000                  Tracey did some co-writing with Kyle Neven for herself, as well as other artists to whom she and Kyle pitched                                           songs.

1999                   Shield production featuring Tracey's vocals due for release in Australia and USA.

1998                  Songwriting/recording in London with Paul Barry and Graham Stack (Rive Droite Productions) at Dreamhouse                                         Studios. (Paul and Graham were involved in the successful remake of Hot Chocolate's, "You Sexy Thing" and Cher's                               international smash hit, "Believe". They have also recently written and/or produced tracks for the likes of Take That,                                 Sheryl Crow, Gina G., Rozalla and others.) While in London, Tracey also collaborated with Hamish Stuart (The                                         Average White Band, Paul McCartney Band). She also teamed up with James Wirrick (co-writer of the dance floor                                   classic, "You Make Me Feel Mighty Real") in Los Angeles. (James and regular songwriting partner, Ken Kessie have                               worked with artists such as En Vogue, Celine Dion, Brownstone and Whitney Houston to name a few.)

1997                     Tracey parted ways with her former record label in Australia in January 1997. (Festival Records)

1996                  Debut album, "Colours" was released, supported by live appearances (with band) at Harbourside Brasserie and                                       Riva.


1995                  The first single from "Colours", "Love Is...Here To Stay" received a great response from radio, picking up over                                          40 playlist additions in the first two weeks of release. (A CD of dance remixes of the single was also released                                           approximately four weeks after the initial release.)

1994                  Tracey spent most of of the year writing and recording her debut album. She co-wrote six of the tracks, five                                               with "Colours" producer, Louie Shelton. (Louie's career history includes working with the likes of Marvin                                                   Gaye, Barbara Streisand, Boz Scaggs, Seals & Croft, Whitney Houston, Art Garfunkel, Lionel Richie, The                                                 Jackson Five, Joe Cocker and many, many more!)


1993                  A single, "I'll Be Good To You" charted in the Australian Music Report Dance Music Report late in the year.


1990                  Debut single, "Only Love Will Set You Free" reached No. 21 in Adelaide and No. 83 on the Australian Music                                            Report National Chart in May.


1989                  Tracey signed with Festival Records and began her recording career. She has had five single releases to date                                          - "Only Love Will Set You Free", "I'll Be Good To You", "Love Is...Here To Stay", "Run Like A River", and "Today                                       I Never Thought of You At All", all of which are included on her debut album.


She began singing professionally at the age of 15 and has had a wealth of experience so far. Her ‘show business’ career began way back at the age of five as a singer and dancer, the beginning of a career that has seen her weave her way through talent quests, pantomimes and musicals until she moved to Sydney at the age of 17.


It’s been a long road to achieve her dream of becoming a recording artist, but what a journey Tracey Arbon has had! Along the way she has worked with everyone from Julie Anthony, Barry Crocker, Kamahl, Tommy Tycko and his big band to James Wirrick, to Paul Barry, Hamish Stuart and Louie Shelton, sung backing vocals on numerous occasions, and even performed operas! (Tracey trained at the Adelaide Conservatorium of Music where she studied Classical/Opera). The list is endless... 


A large slice of duo, trio and band work in Sydney bars and Nightclubs, eg, Rive Club, Neo Pharros, Harbourside Brasserie, The Basement, Don Burrows Supperclub, Cocklebay bar residency at Darling Harbour just to name a few. As well as a very large chunk of Memorial and RSL Clubs throughout the state of NSW.


Principal roles in two South Australian Opera Company shows - "The Snow Queen" and 'Rime Of The Ancient Mariner".

TV commercials - Toyota Camry, Papa Guiseppe, Fujitsu General, Lucky Lotteries, Solomons Carpets, and Games Wizards..

TV appearances - Numerous appearances on Hey Hey it's Saturday, The Midday Show with Ray Martin, Ernie & Denise, Good Morning Australlia with Bert Newton, Tonight Live with Steve Vizard, Countdown Revolution, Star Search, New Faces, Midday Show with Kerry Anne Kennerly, The Midday Show with Bert Newton, Video Hits, various TV Christmas shows and carols, and again the list is endless.

Guest appearances as compere and singer at a number of fashion parades in mid 1995, 1996 Sept/Oct. 1998 throughout major shopping complexes within NSW and ACT. And the list goes on.

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