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'Life Goes On' was written in 2009 by Tracey after the death of her mother. Recorded and produced by Tracey. Although this is not a professional video clip, she has sought family photos, and put together this video and takes us on her personal journey of the last 3 years she spent with her mother.

Life Goes On

'I'll Be Good To You', originally recorded by 'The Bros. Johnson'. Tracey recorded and released her own version in 1993. This video was filmed at the Vaucluse Tea Rooms, Sydney. The dancers were trained by Ms.Tanya Carne, from Dance Action in Gladesville....much fun was had by all!

Only Love Will Set You Free

'Only Love Will Set You Free' was Tracey's debut single, recorded in 1989 and released in 1990. Video was produced and directed by Ross Wood. The song reached No.21 in the ARIA charts.

The video location was in and about Sydney's Rushcutters Bay. Tracey was given the difficult job of choosing the male model:-)

'Run Like A River' was written by Louie Shelton and Tracey Arbon Released in 1996. Produced by Louie Shelton. The video was actually recorded in a real circus tent in St Ives.......obviously while the circus was not performing. Producer of the video was Mark Skarski.

Run lIke a River
I'll Be Good To You

Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never is from the album 'Colours'. Written by Chong Lim and Russell Morris, Produced by Louie Shelton. Video was only recently produced April 2016, by Tracey Arbon. 

Love Is...Here To Stay

Love Is..Here To Stay, a remix by BoxCar. Available on Remixes CD. 


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