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How Much Will It Cost For You To Listen?

Listening To Songs

I’ve been thinking about quite a few things in regards to who listens and who doesn’t.

Over time, I’ve experienced great interaction from other artists on social media and while this is great, the object of my intentions has proven a battle to get to the people we need.

This is the audience who every artist, blog and Internet radio needs to get to and it’s not easy.

The audience are the people who are not necessarily in the music game; The people who don’t know where else to look and listen and until they have heard something from the indie world that rocks their core, they won’t.

If they have independent music thrust upon them, it may leave them feeling overwhelmed, therefore ignoring artists whom they have never heard of. Similar to what they call ‘banner blindness’.

The average/general person who listens to the convenience of commercial radio in their cars or just simply hearing it through a TV commercial or a movie or TV show is what the indie artist is up against.

What makes this difficult in the first place is this audience caters from those who are plumbers, office workers, health and fitness….etc. The World. Everyone else in the world that isn’t a musician, singer or band.

To begin with, whenever an artist, blog or whoever uses ads in Facebook, or tries to get interaction on other platforms, must try and make it easy for the average person to hear and grab their attention.

Example; how many diets have you seen advertised and just skip past now. How do we know that the one that we’ve skipped past is the one that will work for you? But, we have seen diets advertised and talked about on the TV networks that people will buy…..simply because of the convenience it offered to them to be able to have it there; right in front of them.

I would love to have the finances to target all these other people and the frustrating part is, I have my head around how to target them, I have the necessary tools and I have been fortunate to be given the guidance from a great business leader, Kerwin Rae and his team who have been supporting and guiding me. I’ve been learning from one of the best entrepreneurs in Australia who has made over $12M in one year, so why shouldn’t I listen to him and his team.

He did take quite a few years before he cracked it though, so lets not get too hasty about the money side. It’s not about the money…it’s about the passion.

Musician Busking

The struggle with everything though, is those dollars to get it going. To scale up is the only option I have at the moment until those dollars begin to flow.

This I know is a common problem with business.

They say not to focus on the money, focus on the passion. The passion IS what keeps us going.

Don’t get me wrong here when I mention money….It’s not about the money, but it is about having the money to do what’s needed to do to get the indie’s out to these people via MUSICTALKS.XYZ

The question has been asked, “Why Isn’t Anyone Listening”? In a blog written by the Ghostly Beard he asks this question.

And I believe this is why.

Everyone is bombarded and as I mentioned earlier in this blog, they are overwhelmed and unless they hear it without having to push a button to go to another page, it is too inconvenient for most people.

This is why video that plays immediately is great! Something to capture the attention.

Knowing your audience to target; that too is a great start.

Then having the finance to place some dollars/pounds into it.

If you are not a musician, singer or band, and you are reading this, please share it, get the word out.

But I have question for you for those who are not an artist. Do you have a dream, does your children love music? Do they love singing; do they have a passion to be in the business, or a passion to be an artist?

Only then, will the average person understand and only then will they feel the need to support indie music unless they have heard and seen a great song staring them in the face due to convenience.

Until this happens, the general person won’t really know or physically search or push a button or follow an indie site or radio station until they hear just how good the OTHER SIDE of commercial really is; THE INDIE SIDE.

Or, they hear via word of mouth from a trusted friend or colleague.

Sharing to your friends who are not musicians/artists is also good for you. But your friends don’t quite understand why sharing and liking is good for you.

If you can get those friends to share to their friends and then their friends, this can be a great starting point, as this helps the music to get out to others.

As I mentioned quite a while ago, If you can get at least 12 people to share from a Facebook post within one hour, and then they contact their friends to keep it sharing….this is a fantastic way to go viral. But it is easier said than done. Ask them via messenger first if they would be willing to take part.

The most frustrating part is, that it’s free to everyone and only entails the energy of a finger push. This is supporting your music and your dream.

If your friends are in business, you too could do the same in return for them.

Perhaps it's not such a bad thing to educate your friends on how this supports you and your music/business page. By liking and sharing your posts, it helps your page rank higher within the SEO of that platform as well. That platforms algorithm then realizes that this is an important post which is of interest to people.

And lets not forget about all the DJ's. Every DJ. Sending your music to DJ's from every area including those who play at weddings and functions is a great way to get it out to the PEOPLE.

If you don’t know me by now, I am often coming up with new ideas and trialling them. I do have an idea, which entails quite a few meetings and joint ventures. If you are an indie artist and want to be a part of this idea to get your music heard by the PEOPLE, send me your link to your BEST song/track for me to listen to.

I will be needing 20 BRILLIANT tracks at first. Then followed by another 20.

Send them to and please place in the subject line;


Have a great week everyone. Love Tracey x

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