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The Death of Music Respect

Today we wake up to the news of the death of singer, George Michael. “Whoa”, is an understatement.

Ok, so it’s been a while between blogs, but for some reason I thought blogs were kind of like, complaining, which I feel uncomfortable in doing.

However, today, I am compelled to share my view on the year in music sparked by the news of the death of one of my favourite singers of all time.

Ok…so why the other generation will never understand the outpouring of emotion and devastation over so many untimely and unexpected deaths within the music industry this year…understand this…

1. People cannot ever be replaced, and

2. music created by the many who have passed, created real MUSIC!

The Death of Music Respect

Although I admit to liking some of the latest tracks and songs around of late, nothing can quite touch you in the same way in which these truly great singers and musicians did.

Seriously, play some bloody vinyl and crank it up. For those of you who do not know, vinyl feels warmer because it generally has not been compressed the shit out of.

But hang on…let me get back to the music!

It was only yesterday on my drive back from Christmas lunch, that I played songs on my phone through the car…. and they were songs from the late great (can’t believe I’m saying this) George Michael.

Music sung and played in many ways, was music played with instruments, and voices singing without the need to correct and autotune…(which I personally refuse to do and never will). This was music.

I explained to my teenage girls this morning, in the hope they “GET IT”….music is NOT the way it used to be. Lack of appreciation by the later gens is clear. How…. they don’t buy music! If you don’t buy music, then in my view, you don’t truly appreciate it.

So much faceless music…who’s who…..and record companies wanted and thinking that everyone should sound unique, but in the same token, the same.

Don’t they get it!!!

People don’t want this anymore, and the only reason it’s being sold, is because they have the money to pour into marketing and promotion…they have the upper hand.

Or do they?

Things are changing, and I’m hoping for the better in a way that brings real music back into our lives, and wake up those souls who have never experienced the music in the way it has embraced our lives while growing up.

The sad fact of the matter, is that, to create real music, involves people’s time and energy which means money…..

In recent times and in some ways, it is easier for the musicians to create music, because almost everyone has a home studio of some kind, so there is no longer the need to use precious finances in paying for a studio to record in.

However, it still costs a great deal more to have live musicians/programmers, mixers (especially if you’re a solo singer) to record etc.

At the end of the day, the amount of work involved in building a fan base and getting YOU out there, are hours not generally paid back…. initially.

It is, so much easier, to have one person sitting with their computer and other tools to create beats, and far less expensive. While some of this may be good sounding….I challenge you to put on some good music created by the likes of producers, mixers, musicians, engineers, and singers…….AKA the George Michaels, Prince, Rick Parfitt,, Leon Russell, Lemmy, Leonard Cohen, Prince, Jon English, David Bowie, Maurice White, Paul Kantner, Glenn Frey….etc

I’m talking to those below the 30 year old mark…lets say.

It costs more money to create great music, but when you listen to it, it gets you. You create great memories with music that really impacts you. Therefore, help keep great music alive, and pay for it.

It is NOT a given right for any artist to have to GIVE their music away. Do you know how much it costs….and how much it costs emotionally as well. ???

It DOESN’T cost much to purchase the music while then keeping the real thing alive.

Even though you hear/see those posts on your social media saying…support us…THEY MEAN IT.

If you like their music, then buy it. Trust me, people don’t pay for those social media ads if they have a shit load of money.

They are trying to get it out there, and it’s costing them.

So for the sake of music…. appreciate it and spend a few dollars to keep IT alive.

Lets not lose great music!! For the sake of great singers and musicians who have left us this year!



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