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Are We Becoming A Bunch Of Whingers?

Not so sure about you, but I have noticed things have changed dramatically over the past year especially.

It seems that everywhere I go there is someone who has to complain about something.

So, here I am complaining about the complainers...mmm.

Maybe I didn't take that much notice before I decided to get back into things regarding music, or maybe its the more I hang around more and more people and get into conversation with them, the more comes out?

I must admit, there are a certain number of groups of people that seem to complain a hell of a lot. I'm finding that some of these people are either quite elderly and probably stuck in their ways, or people who want to just hang on to their 'Poor Me' story or situation they are in, and are unhappy within themselves.

The only thing that really annoys me, is that some or most of these people really have nothing to complain about. These people just complain for the sake of complaining, and I think we are becoming a bunch of bloody whingers.

Years ago in Australia, back in my parents generation, there weren't so many platforms to actually complain on and and it would be a case of simply getting on with it and suck it up. But I suppose you could go deeper and delve further into this, and take it on another angle of it leading to peoples frustration, anger and depression...?? But I'm not, not now anyway.

Lets take the whole 'Sam Armytage' thing, (those who are not aware, channel 7/Sam Armytage was attacked, being called a 'Mindless Bimbo', 'Daft' etc regarding a funny TV Skit) The person who said these things could have turned the whole thing around and been seen in a whole different light, but now who's the bimbo?? And what does this say about the person attacking another? Seriously, grow up. Where's the fun anymore?

Ms Armytage wrote something on one of my video clips a few years ago, and I only just noticed it a few months ago, saying 'bad song, g8 sexy singer'. My reaction, I just laughed, not in a 'I hate you' fashion, but because I also admit, this is not one of my favourite songs, and its an honest opinion. I don't take offence to that at all and thought it was quite funny.

I'm finding that Australia is fast becoming a bunch of whingers and complainers, and over the minute and miniscule acts. Everything is becoming so difficult to do.

You hear those optimistic people say, 'Go on, follow your dreams and ideas and go for it', (and yes I'm one of them), then you go for it, and get shot down from others. As was the case BEFORE my Music Talks site was even up. I had someone tell me and insisted that It wasn't going to work...not for the idea, (which i don't think they actually understood all that well) but for the fact that I wasn't a professional writer and that I should give up now. Yet I actually don't write any articles on the site myself.

Then I go somewhere else, and from the mouth of an arrogant music industry rookie, asks what its about, (but doesn't truly want to know, which I can tell and see straight away), so I give them the short version, not really telling him too much, because I can see his only interested in himself.

I've witnessed and encountered this years ago, and much of the attitute and lack of interest unfortunately hasn't changed.

You know, like the person that goes...bla bla bla, only really interested in hearing their own voice, yet will never really learn too much more because they fail to listen, and therefore learn.

And this is what a lot of artists and people talk about when they say there is lack of support. No-one really wants to listen or.... they want to tear you down....until of course you become successful.

However, prove me may just be a time factor thing, that people don't listen....but somehow I doubt it...I think, its more about lack of interest other than it being all about themselves and/or laziness. After all, it does take a bit of effort to take the time out and really listen to someone. :))

In my eyes, its all up to the people! They are THE most important in anything. Finding out what they like, give them information they can choose and let them make that decision. After all, who's life is it anyway.

They say that Australian's support for one another is great....well, I think support for many other countries own is also great.

Every country who faces some tragedy one way or another, is supported, its human nature. But its the whole Tall poppy thing that is something which comes from lack of knowledge perhaps, being caught in your world and failing to look and listen.

For some reason I thought that perhaps many years after taking a huge break from the music, that things have changed. Unfortunately not, infact, I think its harder. Harder in a way in which attitutes haven't changed with this changing fast paced world. There is no room or time to complain.

I've also found that really, nothing is for free....I'm mean nothing. And those things that are for free, like doing a letterbox drop or placing a banner up, only brings complaints, which makes it very difficult for anyone starting out. This is an inexpensive way in which artists are able to create some awareness out there, and takes a bit of physical excersise, (which doesn't hurt anyone), only then to be shot down, simply by ONE complaint.

This actually was the case with not only me, but a few other people trying to get their word out about their businessess. (Although Music Talks is not really a would be nice though)

I tried to place a banner up in my local area, but it was taken down only two days of being placed up. And yes, I did to all the right things, enquired etc. and because again, it was something unusual and different and was promoting to support Australian Music, I guess it was hard for others to see or even understand what it was really all about, it was taken down. After all, ONE complainer could, I suppose upset the apple cart, and we can't have that now can we...?!

Interesting given the fact that some of us are trying to help people, and others just get in the way because of their selfishness.

I wonder if the complainers have ever complained about someone who is close to them trying to do something, and not being given the chance?? I guess it all comes down to the rules - the one for them and the one for everyone else?

So, there you have it, another day, another way of finding your way around the obstacle course. My only answer, is that I don't have one. I would usually say, just nod your head and agree politely, but after seeing this picture on Facebook last night, perhaps I should try something different.

Or we could just fly around pretending to be pink fluffy unicorns riding on rainbows. :)

Have a good day!

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