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Christmas - A time for family, loneliness and Stress?

Can you believe it, Christmas time...again?

I’m sure you can by now, after all, the car parks are full and the shops are buzzing.

For so many people, Christmas is a time to spend with family, and loved ones.

Food, drink, laughter....sometimes arguments, (although, I am lucky enough not to have experienced this) appreciation and relaxation. That’s what I call a good Christmas. Did I say Food...oh yes of course :)

However, on the other hand, it’s also a time, which, for so many, brings extreme sadness and loneliness.

I see so many people rushing from here to there, wondering what to purchase for various people.

It’s kind of sad, to think that there are many of us, feel that there is now this expectation to purchase gifts for people just because you feel you should.

Should we? Because it’s a general thing we ought to do?

What if finances are seriously stretched?

Even though you could fall back on the, “No presents this year” line, unfortunately the other party would still ignore your request, and purchase something anyway, making you feel, not only embarrassed but deflated, like a dog with a tail between their legs.

Why can’t we just catch up with friends?

Getting together with people is far more valuable than any gift; although some just refuse to acknowledge the difficulty it is for many.

I certainly know now, more than ever, how important it is to have family. I’m longing for a Christmas spent at home, with people over to celebrate.

I find that I’m truly myself when I’m entertaining, as I sincerely love the giving and sharing between the sheer friendships which dance throughout my home.

Unfortunately, I haven’t done much entertaining at all in the past 6 years, and while I choose not to really delve into why, I think that perhaps, if those people who find themselves alone, could try and invite others over, regardless of the state of their home, lack of money or thereof.

This is a time of sharing and giving, (not in the sense of presents). I don’t think people really mind. The day itself is a quiet one on the streets, and certainly has this feeling of despair and confusion for many. Sometimes feeling that it’s the longest day ever.

And for others, there is a feeling of peace. Oh how nice to have peace.

Christmas has become something so enormous, (much like so many other celebrations) we are forgetting what its all about.

Ok, so Jesus wasn’t born in December and Santa used to be green; until Coke decided to match his outfit to the colour scheme of their logo.

I thank god, that I am lucky to have my two daughters, and that I get to spend my Christmas with them. Even though my own family tradition has not followed through, I must make it something new and exciting for them.

The one thing I always do, every Christmas, is a huge platter of amazing fruit and croissants, where we help ourselves as we sit around the tree handing out presents to each of us.....slowly, taking the time to watch each person unwrap theirs, appreciating the moment.

Christmas music playing in the background and the dog going crazy as they are also invited to join in with us.......(except the dog is not allowed the fruit or croissants, but they do receive their own treats.)

We can’t forget about our loved ones who don’t live nearby, and this year, I’m trying to think up something cool to somehow include my dad.

I really hope everyone can try and find something amazing and special about their Christmas and do something that puts a smile on their faces.

Wishing you all an amazing, peaceful and crazy Christmas and I hope that the New Year brings you great luck and happiness!

Merry Christmas, Love Tracey xx

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