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Music and Emotion

It was only yesterday when I came across the most amazing article, that touched on the very reason for my wanting to start my recent venture through Chant La Bon; my new site 'Music Talks'.

I was so glad that it wasn't just me who felt the same way. The loss of emotion in music. The re-connection between the artists, their music and the people, and the sheer power of music.

Music used to be valued, talent appreciated and a way of expressing one's emotion and sharing that with others who may not have songwriting, singing or musical skills, but can relate. People used to care. The focas now changed to marketing and monetizing.

In the early years up to the late 90's, those songs, when played now, takes me back to a precise moment, putting a smile on my face...much like the smell of a perfume.

When you saw a band play live, it wasn't too different from the recording and not only made it recognizable but enjoyable for musicians to play. And there was the emotion in which we could all relate.

Now, if you want to reach out to have someone actually listen to your music, it is suggested to post a new video up each week to YouTube to keep your subscribers interested.

But what about the quality? This doesn't really give the artists/musicians the time to work and really be happy about their songs, all for the need of marketing.

Then there's the other way....songs pumped out like a packet of cornflakes, placed on the roster of who's the next release lined up, pushed out for a good week, then on with next. A time limit in regards to your interviews, publicity ventures etc, which hasn't changed much from what most of the major record companies used to do.

So putting these two together, doesn't really add up. The old way and the marketing of music in accordance to social media don't match.

Why not bring back the reason for making and listening to music!

So much of it has no emotion whatsoever. Which now brings me to the 'blog' idea.

This is the new way of allowing people to connect with you, but extra work for those really talented musicians and singers, as well as trying to get their head around it.... Keeping in mind, musicians and singers are exactly that....what if they are not great at writing a blog?

Artists now, not only have to write, record and promote their music, but they have to now allow more time to get into the whole individual social media aspect...more time needed, when there is only 24 hours in a day, and just to add....they hardley see a cent.

They have social media to connect to their fans and people, taking away the actual reason in the first place they wrote and recorded their songs, (allowing the emotion in the music to connect.) Bringing us around again in full circle.

But....are those people who are liking and following you on social media actually listening to your music, and turning up to your gigs?? I can probably guess the answer to that.

I also think it's really naive of so many people within the music industry (more so particular people) to think that if you have a high follower count, that this is the be all and end all.

I have noticed with many artists who have a huge follower stat on their social pages, that the numbers in replies, shares, likes, retweets etc. do not add up. mmmm....

I don't think it is necessary now to have a deadline, the need to push for it ALL to happen within that first few weeks of release.

This is where the old way has to change for it to work with the social media dilema. I have thought of the way to do this...btw.

Its actually so much harder now, and I would love to see and hear radio play songs that have emotion in it, and then see the response.

Many of the new gen are only used to hearing one kind of would be nice to educate them. :)

The total lack of care and support is astonishing. Even in your own backyard. More people seem to be complaining....for the sake of complaining, little do they know how much hard work and time goes into trying to get the music out there. It just takes one selfish person to complain about something, and it suddenly ends or puts the brakes on everything an artitst is trying to do, after taking them so long in actually doing it. Oh...of course until they are affected by it. People used to care!!

Maybe it's time I moved to a nice country town. :)

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