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The Kiss Principal....Keep It Simple Stupid, I'm not professing to know everything...but at least, these are a few really vital things I've learned while being on earth.

Keeping things simple can often be harder than it looks. It's a matter of stepping back and looking in, from the outside.

When working on everything from music, songwriting, writing an essay or doing an assignment, the main aspect should be to focas on getting your message across, or giving people what they want.

Sometimes it can be great to use your knowledge and showing off how much you know, but this only happens over time, and at the end of the day, why do you need to show off anyway. Being who you are, is far more valuable and importand now-a-day's than the old way. Things they say.

I've learned great lessons from my autistic daughter. From giving her very distinct and clear instructions, and by explaining things in such a simple manner, you have to go back several steps to get her to understand the message..usually by giving examples, and visuals.

I've looked at websites recently, where it's left me feeling confused as to know where to go first, and in turn, just closing the site and moving on. Keeping in mind that, there are certain sites that have great information, but I actually find it quite useful to subscribe to these which gives me those emails, (yes, I know many emails) but sometimes the emails are easier to follow if the subject line appeals.

I can then go straight into the site with the provided links and read more.

I've also realized that the Chant La Bon site was very distracting, so I've toned it down a bit, (or at least currently trying to) so it doesn't confuse the reader, and makes it easier for people to actually see the content.'s all about you, the fans, the people.

I remember someone saying to me years and years ago, who I can't mention names, but they are very well educated and have an enormous amount of experience in the music industry - BUT...they did make a comment on a very successful band. This particular band was HUGE....the only problem is, their follow up songs did not cut through.....why? It became too complicated. The lyrics were just too clever for the average bear. (person)

This band, I will say, I highly respect, and would love the opportunity myself, just to do some music with, but because they are so damn smart and so knowledgible, their lyrics became lost, the music was too good for the average person.

I do know, that my life and in the way I'm thinking now, as opposed to then, is much simpler. However, not easier.

Ever heard of the phrase, 'You're your own worst critic', especially if you're a perfectionist, which is sometimes my problem, often resulting in my not publishing or releasing anything. So...if I don't get much of a response with friends (honest friends), I know I have to think about it again. Pull myself back, take a look in, and have another shot.

Sometimes conversations I have with people go straight over my head....not that I don't understand what they are saying, but perhaps it's not simple enough, especially if I'm not used to their way or in their to speak.

I think, if you ever feel this way, it's not that you are stupid, it's just that perhaps you're mind is somewhere else, and makes it difficult to comprehend what they are trying to say.

Have you ever been in a situation, when someone say's something, and later you think of something great to say...but it's too late. I do that alot. This is generally processing speed...some people process things very quickly, while many of us, think about it, then get it, then think....OH....I'm not stupid, I got it....I just needed time.

Don't beat yourself up, just acknowledge it and realize, its all OK.

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