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Bitch....Do you really have to be a bitch to succeed? Depends on what you're idea of success is.

I remember many years ago, hearing from several different people, that the only way to succeed is by being a bitch. I couldn't grasp this, as I can't bear the thought of upsetting anyone and hurting others.

Later in life I realized that, while it may have helped others back then, it certainly won't help now.

People are people, not machines. (Although lately I feel like it.)

While there is a general attitude of others within certain industries not allowing to listen or finding the time to listen, or research what others are doing, and what they have to say, so many people just blow you off.........UNTIL, of course they realize that others are paying attention. That's just human nature I guess.

All of sudden people will call and say, hey, can I have this...bla bla bla, and seemed surprise when they hear a NO, not at the moment. 'Oh, but you contacted me several months ago about this Idea....bla bla bla'....of course they're interested now, 'but I asked if you were interested, and you pretty much hung up on me'.

Yep, Musicians I'm sure can definately relate to this, I'm sure.

Being a bitch and being assertive is a very fine line. Being assertive and confident can be confused with being a bitch, but the busier it gets, the more assertive people get. They may be quick and short, but it's generally only because they are so busy.

No matter what, don't give up on your beliefs, keep finding ways on getting through and around your obstacles.

One of my obstacles at the moment, is how I'm going to fund my new Music Site. And some people who have asked about it, do so in a cynical way.

I'm competely aware of the lack of finance at the moment, but I have realized through waiting and thinking too much, wont get me anywhere.

I've been working on my 'Chant La Bon' project, and have recently placed it on Kickstarter. It only has about 22 days to go...and only one backer. I'm trying to obviously let people know about it.

If I don't get to my goal, I'm certainly not going to call it quits. I'll just keep going.

It may just mean I have to sell a few things lying around at home to at least keep with the running costs.

I don't like to assume people know how things work, because I suppose many don't read the fine print.

If the Tracey Arbon/Chant La Bon kickstarter project doesn't reach its goal, we don't get a a cent. The money that is placed on the project is not actually processed straight away, only if the goal is reached.

I like honesty, if people can't be honest, bye bye.

And no, I don't think thats being bitchy, but if you're not being honest with yourself, nothing will work. People arn't stupid.

I Just don't like it when someone has their opinion, and they stand in your face almost demanding that they are right, and they really do believe they are... they assume they also know everything, including what is going in your life.

I just have one question though? Why is it, when men are assertive they are not automatically called a 'Bitch'.? I'm not going down the whole gender equality thing, but seems interesting that if a woman is assertive, it is automatically assumed, she's a bitch.

Somewhat like, if you are really really busy, and racing around, some people think you are stressed, when actually you are quite happy and don't feel an inch of stress.

OH, I need to say, that, so far, I don't think anyone's called me a bitch......mmmm, does that mean I'm not assertive enough? You can be nice about it too, it's just a change of tone in your voice that can make all the difference. ;)

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