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Autism sings - we are all human

In recent years there has been more awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder, and more and more people are finding, that perhaps they may very well fit into one or more of the many traits in which autism consists of.

So many of us feel like we don’t fit in, we’re not sure why, feeling uncomfortable around people, not knowing what to say to others, while not really knowing what it is you are feeling yourself and so on.

Autism isn’t straight down the line as many would think.

I have two daughters, one who is high functioning and the other has small elements of aspergers, thrown in with other things. Both with ADHD and many other different degrees and elements associated on the spectrum, but they are both completely different human beings. One is an extrovert, and the other an introvert.

The one thing they do have in common is the difficulty in keeping and finding good friends..... Having people understand them.

My youngest daughter hasn’t been invited to a birthday party for more than 6 years. My eldest has been invited to one in the last 7 years or so, and yet for her 13th birthday, she so desperately wanted a party because it was the big 13... not one person came. My heart broke for her.

This can quite often be the beginning of some unfortunate misunderstandings of those who just don’t get it, and many people, as they grow older, develop other unnecessary illnesses such as depression. Often caused by isolation and neglect from others.

What I find most fascinating, is that so many very popular people....yes, I said POPULAR celebrities are on the spectrum.

So many entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, and scientists are the ones who end up finding their feet as solo players in this big vast world.

Often the ones who don't quite get through the 'general' school life and what is expected of them, find something which interests them later, they focus, thrive and become so motivated, no-one can stop them.

Musicians/Singers/Songwriters, find their voice through their music, while actors find a means of expressing themselves through the characters they may play.

Scientists, I would imagine, would have their brain ticking constantly and entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs through ideas in which many would not even think of, and generally through the misunderstanding or them trying to explain their ideas to others, becomes so difficult, they end up finding it easier for them to just forge forward and carry on to explore their ideas in which then motivates them to do it themselves.

Most people with the Autistic traits/elements are actually extremely logical people. They are great at working things out. They pick up music so easily, and seem to have such a strong association with it, you will find, music is the one thing that calms them, helps them to focas, even to find who they are.

The term ‘Special Needs’, in the way in which it is used for Autism Spectrum Disorder, is rather off the mark.... ‘gifted’ perhaps being a better term, but I prefer, ‘individual extraordinary human being’.

Would you call Daryl Hannah, Jerry Seinfield, Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Dan Aykroyd....and the list goes on....Special Needs?

Music is so important for us all, giving us a feeling of accomplishment, achievement, helping the brain tick, allowing us to go to a place we would never be able to find anywhere else.

It can take us to places we would never normally go, and give us a special meaning between just you and the music. For many of us, its our best friend.... who knows our deepest and most intimate thoughts, only to find buried deep within our consciousness, and only those who are vulnerable and game enough to share, allow others into their world, bringing us the universal language of music.

So if you’ve ever wanted to play an instrument, or sing, just do it. It makes you feel good, increasing those good endorphins.

It’s no wonder people on the spectrum love doing it.

Delve into the unknown elements of music, which changes from day to day. You never know what will happen and where it will take you.

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