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Not just a pretty voice?

Who determines what is great music?? How do you know what's really out there? There are so many people who can sing very well. They have great voices, but it takes a lot more than a great voice.

So many young (and old) singers and bands trying to get a spot.... their finger in the pie.

In some sense it's easier than ever to get your music out there....but the catch 22 is....everyone can do it.

Everyone has access to Social Media. But at the end of day, will a great voice sell music?

No. Absolutely not. Of course thats my opinion.

A great voice will certainly help, don't get me wrong, but at the end of the day, its the song. You don't have a great song, don't even bother releasing it. That is of course you want some credibility. you have a great song, then what? Who's going to sing it? A great singer? Or someone with a great voice?

I'd give it to a great singer over the great voice any day. No point in having a great voice if you can't sing.

Did you write the song yourself, or someone else.

This part is crucial....if you wrote the song yourself, how did it sound in your head when you were writing it? You have to try and make it sound the way you want it to sound.

This can mean you will need to record, record, record until you get the sound you want.

A trap many singers or vocal producers seem to fall into is perfection. If a singer has made an extraordinary take, by means of feel, passion, emotion and great inflections, but there is one note that just stuffs it up by a mere flat tone not quite getting there for a millisecond, do you try to recapture the whole thing?

Personally, I wouldn't. Once you have the magic - keep it.

So many songs aiming for absolute perfection can make an EP/Album sound very clinical and lacking in all the above mentioned. Like the difference between CD and Vinyl. But I'll save that one for later.

Does the song grab in you the first 30 seconds? Be honest with yourself, and don't let you ego get the better of you.

Lets say the songwriter is not the singer....the singer and songwriter must be on a great wave length to be able to understand each other. For example....the writer may say, 'Can you make it more BLUE sounding'....unless you know what his/her blue means, you're up the creek.

Now, you have the song recorded...then what? I could go on forever, but you need people to know about you first, then to actually take the time to listen, hence the best 30 second beginning ever! there's SoundCloud, Spotify etc. How do people find you? Where do they start?

Well, actually thats where ChantLaBon comes in. A new concept to let people see you and hear you. And you are in the Spotlight. There is a lot more to it though, and the concept of how this will happen is quite simple, yet very extensive.

Chant La Bon is certainly focusing on quality, not quantity. So if you think you have the magic song and play and sing great music you want the world to hear. Its really as simple as sending me your details. Send me some links in your email, of what YOU think is your best example. i.e YouTube, SoundCloud etc.

In the meantime...have fun with it all.

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