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Listen and Think......

Some people have an opinion on everything. I'm currently doing, and have done a lot of reading and research regarding business, marketing and the media, and have just completed my double diploma in business management and HR management. (acutally one exam to go)

I feel like the more I learn and read, the more I don't know. Yet I find that so many people who offer their opinions are either basing it on their individual circumstances, and just by purely what they think, and have nothing to back it up with.

Every person's situation and experience is different, and the one thing I have learnt throughout my whole, 'X' amount of years on earth, is that it certainly doesn't hurt to listen to others, you never know when and what they have to say, maybe it will spark something which gets you thinking.

If you don't agree, just don't say anything.

I had someone recently ask me what I'm doing, and I have to say, I find this rather exhausting, because i really don't feel like talking about what it is I'm doing and what I plan to do, because then I hear....'Oh, why don't you do this'....bla bla bla, although it is nice to ask I suppose. I just much rather do it and say......'here you go, have a look'.

I love learning from experience and other people. I love listening to other people's stories, and when you ask in a certain way, it's amazing what they tell you. Every person has a story!

As I mentioned in my last post, I do work part-time, and I came across so many interesting people. So many people who have had amazing experiences throughout their lives. It just makes me feel like I have so much more to do.

Perhaps, this is where the idea and interest comes from for the concept of my new Chant La Bon idea. As it's all about hearing from what others have to really say, and what do they really want to tell?

I must say, it does require some concentration and energy to listen carefully and to engage in someone else at times, which is why, I guess its easier listening to music. Generally its the melody or groove that grabs your attention, then you listen to the lyric and what the writer has to say, and then hope that the singer can portray the whole story and feeling. (this acutally gets me onto another topic, which I will cover....singers and singing, but that one later)

So many people also don't seem to take the time to think. Not taking time out to... just think. The world is certainly moving at a faster pace, which tends to us making more mistrakes in an effort to either compete or prove ourselves, and in the longer term, harder to fix.

Do you think it would be weird to have one day without any internet and phones. OMG, how would we survive??!! Shock, horror. Imagine going for a walk, in the sunshine, WITHOUT the ipod or iphone, listening to music, what would we do? OH NO, we would then be able to hear the birds, notice the flowers and trees, smell the air, while being able to clear our heads....all at the same time. Believe it or not, this is exactly what I did yesterday, and making it a regular occurrence.

Go do it'll feel good! XX

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