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First blog....feels very first word ;)))

Ok...well here I am, my first ever blog. Woo Hoo. I have so much going on, really don't know where to start?? (I could be silly and write the first thing that pops in my head, but if you don't know me that well, you may not understand my very weird and strange sense of humour)

It's been a hell of a long time between drinks, as they say. After two kids, taking care of my mum, who had brain cancer, marriage break up...and more...well... I made it. (No choice really) I say this because I am human. :-)) But i wont be going too much into the personal stuff, trust me. Dont want to bore you.

I will say, that its not easy, but I never look back...always the kind of person that keeps moving forward, and I tell you, sometimes that can be frustrating, because my ideas come hard and fast.

And since I am a doer kind of person, I don't verbalize a lot of what I think, because...well...basically, everyone's got their own stuff to deal with, and my ideas...I guess...can be a bit exhausting. What frustrates me the most, is then trying to find the time to do everything. My girls are both special needs, and I am working a part-time job. Oh yeah, and trying to develop one of my ideas through my business, Chant La Bon, plus trying to record...(whenever I find a few spare hours) and currently in the process of doing something else. But i'll leave that as a surprise.

Please don't ask how I find the time....because I can't answer that...hence why somethings are taking longer than I'd like them to.

I would love to do some live shows....but can you come and look after my kids? No...seriously though, working part-time is great in someways, but doesn't give me the funds I would like, to be able to pursue a lot of these things as fast I would like. But that wont stop me....those who know me, will know....I will find a way.:-)))

Maybe it's time I did some live stuff....maybe someone could give me a PA? Ha...joke- half joke actually.

My latest songs haven't been released because of hold ups beyond my there's no point stressing about it when I can't do anything about it.

This is the kind of stuff, I really think most people have to deal with....its normal.

Some of the things that I dont understand in the music world, is, why is there so much...well....faceless music.....well, actually I do know the answer to that, but still, if you listen to some of the songs written by some amazing carol king, I'm not so sure about some. But then again.....people do like simple. As the saying goes...Keep it simple stupid. I heard a song recently, that EVERYONE would know, and I listened carefully to the lyrics....they a nursery rhyme. I mean, everything about it is sooooo.....simple. Almost stupid. But thats what it takes i guess.

This, perhaps is where many songwriters make mistakes. Trying to be too clever. After all, if a nursery rhyme sticks in your head, then....say no more.

I have to say, if anyone asked me my opinon on music....face to face....I just can't lie. Terrible lier. It is what it is...and I'm a realist.

Writing music is something which only gets better with a good wine. Obviously, as you experience more, you learn more.....etc.

I hear new songs, written by some artists and I actually love them. The innocence, simplicity...OH HOW NICE.

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